Gold Buyer Boston
Gold Buyer Boston
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260 Elm St. Unit 109, Somerville, MA 02144
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- Buy Sell Gold Silver Jewelry  - Boston Gold Coin and Platinum
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Gold Buyers Boston are jewelry buyers located in Boston
Massachusetts. Providing a jewelry appraisal for those who wish to sell
In fact, we buy various types of jewelry including:

Gold and Platinum
Fine Jewelry
Antique Jewelry
Designer Jewelry
Old and Unwanted Jewelry

Text us for accurate quote 617-821-6229
80 percent spot  calculator
Our price is the highest in the state by far. We get the
question all the time, How much is 80% spot price? Well if gold was
$1743.00 per ounce this is what it would break down to . We will
show you the specs to make it easier for you. This is what buyers
don't want you to know.  We do the same for Silver or .925 or
coins we pay more for. Call for details or text for quote now.


10kt gold $29.00 per dwt or pennyweight or $18.68 a gram

14kt gold is  $40.66 dwt or $26.15 a gram,

18kt is $52.30/dwt or  $33.62 a gram.

This is 80% spot price and this is what we would pay you cash if
you were in front of us right now if the price was $1743.00 an
ounce .

So if gold is higher today or lower today we use the same
This is called not wasting time and getting top dollar for your
Parking behind building, directly off the train.  
You have to mention the 80% spot or print this or we will
offer you lower.
LBC is the only Place that pays 80% spot for Gold in