Sell Miriam Haskell Boston
Guide to Identifying Unsigned Miriam Haskell

Unfortunately 8 out of every 10 Items I see
advertised as Unsigned Miriam Haskell
either are definitely NOT Haskell or the
pictures don't show enough to allow for an
educated opinion.

SADLY, It's not the experienced Collector or
Dealer who will be fooled into overpaying for
these items, but the New, Innocents who are
being duped!

First, let me say that Identifying these
Unsigned Pieces of Miriam Haskell can be
VERY difficult, even for the experienced, not
being able to handle the individual pieces
makes it even harder. MOST sellers aren't
aiming to fool and may just be uneducated,
so it's up to the buyer to be aware of a few
simple points to help them make the right
choices. I am posting this Quick Guide to
help a little but if you wish to seriously Buy or
Sell Miriam Haskell you need to do some
simple Research.  We love Miriam Haskell.

(I will list books and some Free sites that are
a terrific help at the bottom of this page!)

Quick Selling Tips:

INSIST on Good Clear Pictures.
Since Unsigned Miriam Haskell is defined
largely by the Construction and the Backs
and Clasps on the articles, you need to see
these to make an informed decision on

Miriam Haskell is Quality Jewelry. It is HEAVY
and Intricate.
If it is light weight with just a few pieces
added,it is Probably NOT Haskell!

Miriam Haskell NEVER used Glued in
All Beads were Wired on, All stones "Set" If
there is a glued on item on a piece of Jewelry
it is NOT Haskell!

There are NO Filigree Backs on Unsigned
Miriam Haskell.
Haskell introduced the Famous "Filigree"
Backs in the early 1950's, AFTER she started
to mark all her Jewelry!

Necklaces with SIMPLE Hooks or
FOLDOVER Clasps are NOT Miriam Haskell.
The earliest Haskell Necklace fasteners
were cord or cloth "loops" over a bead or
OR the simple spring ring clasp. MOST of
these are the kind without the thumb piece
like here:
MANY Experts won't Authenticate a "Thumb
Tab" Spring Clasp, but a few articles are
being Authenticated with. (Maybe

Then Came the "slide" Clasps. Early Haskell
Slide Clasps were decorated, either with
Components  or...
BUT it's the Back of the Clasp that will identify
it as Haskell
Miriam Haskell Pieces were wired into
pierced backings. Some Clasps are open
like this:
But most will have plain backs like this:

There were also some small box clasps
used on early Haskell (but they are rather few
and far between).

Necklaces with foldover clasps came later.
Miriam Haskell used very distinctive claspes
that are Heavy, and flat looking (No skinny
little lightweight hooks for Haskell>). All of
these clasps had some bead or other
decoration soldered to the top of the clasp.  
And are easily identified.

There are also Lariet Necklaces that have
clip backs on both ends (Both fur and dress
clip style)

And in the 1940's some necklaces came
strung on cord and tied. These had matching
components on the ends.

There are NO Unsigned Haskell with fold
over clasps!

Brooches and Clips
You MUST see the back of an unsigned
Brooch or Clip to determine if it's Authentic!
Miriam Haskell brooches and clips are wired
to pierced backings. Sometimes the backing
can be seen, sometimes it was covered.
Backings were made of metal and during
WWII plastic. Metal backings could be flat or
have a small edge:

It could be different shapes:
Plastic could be round or oblong or shaped
to the piece:  

It can be covered as well. Covers are flat,
convex or flattened edges.

There is MUCH more to Miriam Haskell
Jewelry, too much to cover here.
I hope this will help a little though!
To help you Collect Her Jewelry, there are 2
VERY Good books on Miriam Haskell:
Miriam Haskell Jewelry by Cathy Gordon and
Sheila Pamfiloff
and The Jewels of Miriam Haskell by Deanna
Farneti Cera
Since they are Pricy, you may want to visit
these 2 Sites for lots more information and
We buy any Miriam Haskell Jewelry in Boston.
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