Sell Lionel Trains Boston, Sell trains Boston. We buy all types of trains, cash same day no waiting.
Lionel, American Flyer, MTH, Ives, LGB, Aristocraft, and all other manufactures.

We also buy old antique toys as well . We don't just guess on prces, we look them up online in front of you and pay you
half of what there worth for your toys or toy trains, model trains in Boston. Sell your old toys in Boston here today.

This is an easy stress free transaction, come in with your old toy trains or toys and get cash same day. No waiting for

Looking for someone to buy your trains? We are always looking for great trains for our large base of customers and
would appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a quote to purchase yours.

The less work the better for you selling your trains in Boston.  We specialize in O, G, Standard and S gauge trains from
all eras, but will consider others, especially when you have a diverse variety of items. For modern era trains in boxes all
we typically need is the manufacturer and model number and the overall condition of your collection. For older trains we
also need the condition and whether or not you have the original box. For less expensive trains, like HO all we need is a
count of freight cars, passenger cars, and an itemized list of your locomotives.

We buy it All! Postwar trains in Boston, Prewar trains in Boston , Standard Gauge, MPC, LTI, Parts, AF, MTH, G Scale,
HO, and N! We are always on the lookout for collections or parts of collections to add to our rapidly growing and
changing inventory.  If you’re interested in selling your collection quickly, conveniently, and at a fair price come to us first.
Why wait for an auction house to pay you in 4 months, come in and get cash for your used trains in Boston today.

Our reputation and experience : We love trains and pay cash, simple as that, we collect ourselves. We love toy trains
especially pre-war lionel trains in Boston.

We have been buying and selling model trains since the mid 1970's.  We really know trains and the train market. We are
honest, dependable, professional, are easy to deal with, and will keep our transaction with you confidential.
We will be happy to supply references upon request.

"All collections have great stories. We want to leave your memories intact".  Whether it’s for personal or financial
reasons, selling a collection can sometimes be a difficult and emotional experience.  We do our best to make it easy on
you. We want you to know your trains will be well taken care of as we find new homes for all of them. We respond
quickly, we will make you a top offer, which you will find if you offer your trains to multiple buyers, and we buy it all, no
matter what you also include - die cast cars, figures, scenery, G scale, HO, N, Z, toys, parts, junk, track, etc. We pay by
cashiers check or cash, whatever you wish. We pay you 100% up front and will ask for no owner financing. We are very
flexible and are willing to look at payment however you wish, let us know if you have special circumstances.

What are my real options in selling my trains? There are several alternatives to selling your train collection, and which
one you choose really boils down to how important each of these three three factors are to you:

1. Getting the highest price.

2. The amount of work you are willing to do.

3. How quickly you want to get the money.

Fair prices.  When we make an offer for your collection, we will calculate the current retail value of your collection, based
primarily on our knowledge and experience in the current market. We do not generally use a price guide book, as we
have found that most MPC, LTI, and MTH items will not bring "book" prices. We also know that many nice prewar and
postwar items will bring prices higher than what is listed in a price guide. Unfortunately, for most modern era trains from
every manufacturer, they are like buying a new car, they depreciate as soon as your drive them off the lot. Then as
newer models come out with more electronics and more features, and at a lower price, that further weakens the demand
and correspondingly the price for the models that came out only a couple years earlier. Then when you are selling a
collection, you are selling it wholesale, since the dealer reselling it incurs all the costs of carrying the inventory,
advertising it, traveling to train shows, printing lists, cleaning and repairing, paying auction fees, credit card fees,
packing it for shipment, etc. On the other hand if you have a collection of like new and mint/boxed postwar and prewar
items you can expect that much or even more!


Need an appraisal? We can provide an appraisal if you send us an inventory list of your items which includes the
condition of the items and the original boxes, if you have them. We will them review your list and provide you with a
quote to create the appraisal. If you decide to sell your trains to us after you pay for an appraisal, we will refund the
price of the appraisal to you. If you do not have an inventory we may be able to come to your location and do an
inventory and an appraisal. We will need to work this out with you on a case by case basis, and the pricing will depend
upon travel expenses, our availability, and the quantity of items in your collection.
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