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Gameboy Color Systems For Sale
Gameboy Color Systems

The Gameboy Color system is the smaller, color version of Nintendo's classic Gameboy
line of handhelds. It has simple color graphics and plays every Gameboy and Gameboy
Color game. The GBC system has a vast library of games for all ages. Ranging from
Pokemon Silver and Gold for kids to the adult favorite, Tetris. The Gameboy Color is
great for any value minded consumer who wants to have a blast playing simple, yet fun

The Gameboy Color is the only place to play the original Pokemon games like Pokemon
Yellow, Blue, Gold, and Silver. And it also has all the classic Nintendo franchises like
Mario Land, Zelda Oracle of Ages, and Donkey Kong. Buy your Gameboy Color today.
Pokemon Games for Gameboy Color
Pokemon Blue

Pokemon is the most popular game series on the Gameboy Color. All six pokemon
games playable on the GBC sold multi-millions. In the games, you capture, train, and
fight different creatures called Pokemon. Each one has unique abilities and can change
into better creatures with the proper training.

Besides Pokemon Blue, shown above; the Gameboy Color also has Pokemon Red,
Yellow, Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Be sure you don't miss the games that made the
Gameboy Color so popular.
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